Monday, January 17, 2011


Let me tell you something about myself that I think you should know about me. I HATE EXAMS SO MUCH. They take up so much time to study for and its just so much pressure because if you do poorly on them than it screws up your whole semester grade and the whole thing just causes so much stress and my thought is WHATS THE POINT.  Why do we have to take tests that count for more than 20% of your semester grade.  What if you get a migraine during the middle but can't leave and end up failing.  I think it would just be better if you had an exam but it didn't count for anything it just showed the teacher how well you knew the material.  That would take SO much stress off kids and they could just relax some more.  I mean stress is one of the leading causes of heart problems, stomach ulcers, and many other similar diseases.  America as a society is way to stressful.   Stress also shortens your life span.  I'm not saying that not taking exams will solve this vast issue but it would sure bring down my stress level.  On another note I do not repeat DO NOT want to have another snow day tomorrow.  You're all probably thinking why not another day offf of school right.  The reason is because if we have another snow days than that would mean that they would push exams to be on thursday and friday and if that happens than i wont have a four day no homework weekend. I hope you followed all of that.  Well thanks for reading, and thankyou to all of my followers.


  1. I agree! I absolutely HATE exams!

    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! It means a lot!

    Can't wait for your next post

  2. I AGREE COMPLETELY. You are so right!!! I love your blog!! Great post!!

  3. Oh my Zeus Dani I completley agree. You have to print this out and give it to Mr.C!! It has great points!! Only you would mention the health risks that comes along with exams :D
    This is your best post yet!!! It totally brought my mood up!!!!!!!

  4. thanks guys these comments really mean a lot since i just started this blog thanks guys