Sunday, February 6, 2011

random facts about me

Hi i thought that you might want to know what goes on in my life so here are some strange facts about me
1. I love food
2. i love going to water parks
3.I am very competitive
4.I love asking questions but all off my teachers say i ask to many which is stupid
5.I can sort of juggle but not very well
6.I like doing magic tricks
7.A lot of people think im "Intresting"
8.I couldn't care less
9.I have some of the best friends in the world
10.We are all going to the same high school
11.I think 89 and bellow are bad grades
12.I take a 9th grade math class and i am in 8th grade
13.I am glad the packers won the super bowl
14.I am going to a school dance on friday
15.I hope somthing will happen
16.Me and my friends have a band called the flash cards
17.My grandma and I like American Idol
18.I think ipads are dumb
19.I want to go on a cruise but never have
20.I can't control my dreams but I can wake myself up if i'm having a nightmare
21.I hate writing papers yet i love to blog
22.I want to be an actress when i grow up
23.My dream colleges are: Yale, NYU,Stanford, and Juliards
24.I love to read books
25.My favorite day of the week is friday
26.My brother is in the junior olympics for fencing
27.He got an invitation to NYU but wants to go to stanford
28.I hate horse radish and once mistaked it for whiped cream
29.My favorite color is pink
30.My mom and I love watching movies together
31.I am actually tired of snow days
32.We have had 8
33.My best friend's grandparents own a beach club
34.They have the best buffalo tenders
35.Chucking ice is fun
36when i was little my brother traded me a penny for a quarter because i didn't know mony values and the penny was chinny
37.I broke three bones
38.I still ate popcorn when i had braces
39.I have a dog
40.I left my christmas decorations up until febuary
41.One valentines day we had a snow day so i made breakfast for my parents
42.I like helping people in need
43.My dream car is a hot pink convertable
44.I should be in bed now
45.I love coffee ice cream
46.I love pepsi throwback
47.I get really hot at night time
48.Lord of the Flies is a good book
49.I got a giant teddy bear for christmas
50.My grandma is an artist
51.I just said 50 facts about myself

I hope i didn't bore you

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i hate waiting for snowdays to be called

I HATE WAITING FOR SNOW DAYS TO BE CALLED.  I'ts so anoying because if they don't call it the night before than you have to go to bed early and then when they call in the morning.  it's so annoying.  another thing that i hate is home work on snowdays.  I mean can't the teachers just let us enjoy our day off without giving us three times more homework.  Another thing that i hate is when the power goes out on snow days because you can't go to school to be occupied so you have to stay home and be cold.  It's so annoying.
 some person waiting and praying for the call

 this is how much hw i get

 i dont even need to explain this one

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Duggars are a really weird Family

Don't you guys think that the Duggars are a really weird family.  First of all they have 19 kids, and they wouldn't mind another even though Josie Duggar almost died.  Second of all they have tons of weird rules.
Here they are:
they are not aloud to dance
the girls have to wear skirts
they sing some weird christian happy birthday song
All of these things are so strange.  I dont get why they can't dance i mean ....
There is something really sktchy about that family
i mean they seem all holy but they have 19 KIDS
how is that holy im sure god likes that their last kid spent 8 mounths in the hospital
the only one that seems normal is Josiah but even he is strange

Monday, January 17, 2011


Let me tell you something about myself that I think you should know about me. I HATE EXAMS SO MUCH. They take up so much time to study for and its just so much pressure because if you do poorly on them than it screws up your whole semester grade and the whole thing just causes so much stress and my thought is WHATS THE POINT.  Why do we have to take tests that count for more than 20% of your semester grade.  What if you get a migraine during the middle but can't leave and end up failing.  I think it would just be better if you had an exam but it didn't count for anything it just showed the teacher how well you knew the material.  That would take SO much stress off kids and they could just relax some more.  I mean stress is one of the leading causes of heart problems, stomach ulcers, and many other similar diseases.  America as a society is way to stressful.   Stress also shortens your life span.  I'm not saying that not taking exams will solve this vast issue but it would sure bring down my stress level.  On another note I do not repeat DO NOT want to have another snow day tomorrow.  You're all probably thinking why not another day offf of school right.  The reason is because if we have another snow days than that would mean that they would push exams to be on thursday and friday and if that happens than i wont have a four day no homework weekend. I hope you followed all of that.  Well thanks for reading, and thankyou to all of my followers.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Snow Day

I Can't believe it but we have another snow day.  This is how it happened last night me and one of my bff's, Marg, were yapping on the phone and complaining about not knowing if we have another snow day.  We emailed some teachers some didn't respond but one did.  Her email said that our head master hadn't decided yet but he would in the morning.  Marg and I were so mortified that we would actually have to go to bed early and wait for the call in the morning.  We decided to talk for awhile longer and then she checked her email.  The next thing that happened was all a blur. She said " ugh no email"  but then she started screaming and said  " school's calling".  She quickly pressed the flash button before I could respond. Finally after about 10 seconds she flashed back to me and said.  "DANI SCHOOL'S CANCELLED." I screamed at the top of my lungs and then my school called my house.  I flashed over and then i "officially" knew school was cancelled.  I was so happy but my mom wanted me to calm down because my bro Dav only had a 90 min delay.  It was all so exciting.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Conquering the Snow

this is not my house and i got the picture from

It is very cold outside and me being stupid decided to go outside.  Lets just say that when i got  inside my feet were numb.  Any way my mom, dad, and brother, Dav, went outside to shovel the snow.  I am not very good at shoveling so i basically just played in the snow and walked around doing nothing.  finally i went inside and ate lunch,

My Dog and The Snow

Hello world this is my first blog post and i am really excited.  Well it is very snowy here.  That sentence does not even explain how much snow there is.  Theres probably about two feet of snow outside.  "theres so much ridiculous snow out there"  my mom said peering out of the window.  This morning my dad let my dog go to the bathroom but there was so much snow that all he could do was stand there and pee on the door.  It was hilarious but i kindof felt bad fur the fuzzball.  well thanks for reading .