Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Duggars are a really weird Family

Don't you guys think that the Duggars are a really weird family.  First of all they have 19 kids, and they wouldn't mind another even though Josie Duggar almost died.  Second of all they have tons of weird rules.
Here they are:
they are not aloud to dance
the girls have to wear skirts
they sing some weird christian happy birthday song
All of these things are so strange.  I dont get why they can't dance i mean ....
There is something really sktchy about that family
i mean they seem all holy but they have 19 KIDS
how is that holy im sure god likes that their last kid spent 8 mounths in the hospital
the only one that seems normal is Josiah but even he is strange


  1. I understand completely with everything you said. I also don't understand why they can't dance. Who knows why they have so many restricting rules... Great post!!!!

  2. i know i mean who has 19 kids who arent aloud
    thanks for the comments

  3. I so agree!!! Especially with the second to last line!!
    Love this post Dani!!!!

  4. ahhh i completely understand what you are talking about -- i really can't say too much because i do wish i had some siblings being an only child and all but 19!!!!!!! woahhhhh waay wayy too much! and yes i agree after the near death i think they should seriously consider stopping like it'll only get more dangerous!

    i just found your blog today and loving reading all your interesting posts(:


  5. I know right!! Even the way of like how they look1 Personally I would rather just not be in that family!

  6. Hahahhaha ok after readin this I am officially creeped out by this family. 19 kids? not ok. And what's wrong with the normal birthday song?!?