Sunday, February 6, 2011

random facts about me

Hi i thought that you might want to know what goes on in my life so here are some strange facts about me
1. I love food
2. i love going to water parks
3.I am very competitive
4.I love asking questions but all off my teachers say i ask to many which is stupid
5.I can sort of juggle but not very well
6.I like doing magic tricks
7.A lot of people think im "Intresting"
8.I couldn't care less
9.I have some of the best friends in the world
10.We are all going to the same high school
11.I think 89 and bellow are bad grades
12.I take a 9th grade math class and i am in 8th grade
13.I am glad the packers won the super bowl
14.I am going to a school dance on friday
15.I hope somthing will happen
16.Me and my friends have a band called the flash cards
17.My grandma and I like American Idol
18.I think ipads are dumb
19.I want to go on a cruise but never have
20.I can't control my dreams but I can wake myself up if i'm having a nightmare
21.I hate writing papers yet i love to blog
22.I want to be an actress when i grow up
23.My dream colleges are: Yale, NYU,Stanford, and Juliards
24.I love to read books
25.My favorite day of the week is friday
26.My brother is in the junior olympics for fencing
27.He got an invitation to NYU but wants to go to stanford
28.I hate horse radish and once mistaked it for whiped cream
29.My favorite color is pink
30.My mom and I love watching movies together
31.I am actually tired of snow days
32.We have had 8
33.My best friend's grandparents own a beach club
34.They have the best buffalo tenders
35.Chucking ice is fun
36when i was little my brother traded me a penny for a quarter because i didn't know mony values and the penny was chinny
37.I broke three bones
38.I still ate popcorn when i had braces
39.I have a dog
40.I left my christmas decorations up until febuary
41.One valentines day we had a snow day so i made breakfast for my parents
42.I like helping people in need
43.My dream car is a hot pink convertable
44.I should be in bed now
45.I love coffee ice cream
46.I love pepsi throwback
47.I get really hot at night time
48.Lord of the Flies is a good book
49.I got a giant teddy bear for christmas
50.My grandma is an artist
51.I just said 50 facts about myself

I hope i didn't bore you


  1. Dani I love all the facts!!!!! Great post!!!

  2. I love this Dani!! You didn't bore me at all!!

  3. I loved this! In just one post I know so much more about you! I would love to go to Yale too! After I watched Gilmore Girls its all I can think about! ahaha

  4. I was just really bored so i decided to do this